Passive House tour in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

This week, we organized our first tour and round of discussions at our Passive House project in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. (more…)

Our revitalization project of the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden in Washington DC is under construction. Demolition of the existing structures has begun. (more…)

Wishing all our clients, colleagues, consultants and friends a joyous and successful new year! (more…)

Very high insulation is one of the characteristics of a Passive House, leading to much reduced heating and cooling costs, but also to a comfortable and very consistent indoor temperature throughout the seasons. At our Passive House project in Brooklyn, we are installing thick insulation even below the cellar floor! (more…)

At our passive house in Brooklyn, much of the existing structure repair is complete. The interior side of the exterior brick walls has been repaired and parched with mortar. (more…)

Construction is well underway at our first Passive House project in Brooklyn. We are excited to see this project come to fruition, with a super-insulated exterior envelope resulting in a dramatic reduction in cooling and heating needs. (more…)

Great to see that the bidding documents have been published on the federal government’s website for the revitalization of the sculpture garden at the Hirshhorn Museum! (more…)

The shovel is in the ground! We are excited to see our sculpture garden project in Washington DC finally move to the construction phase. (more…)

We welcome new employee Xinan Tan to our expanding team! (more…)

We are celebrating with New York’s LGBTQ community!